Monday, February 13, 2012


Okonomiyaki... or also known as Japanese Pizza. 1st time I ate this food was when my beloved housemate (syu) made when we were flatting at cargill st. syu just loved making it, and everytime we had a gathering, she'll make it. anyway, for those who wanna try it... this is the recipe (which is damn easy :) )

shredded cabbage
sliced onion
1 egg
pinch of salt
prawns ( if you wish to add protein- i use udang geragau)

mayonaise and oyster sauce for topping

mix onion, prawn, egg and cabbage in a bowl. add flour and mix. add a bit of water. well, i did not use any measurement. just keep on balancing the amount of water and flour to make eveything stick together. dont add too much flour as it will make it like "cucur". it should be sticky and thick consistency. lightly oil the pan (nonstick pleasee....) and spread the batter, dont make it too thick. cook under low heat until brown and flip. to check whether its cook, poke with a knife, if its clean, means its cooked. i even put it in the oven for few minutes just to cook it for longer. then spread the mayonaise and oyster sauce on top. (oyster sauce can be quite salty). lastly, just open ur mouth as big as possible... and enjoy the okonomiyaki :)

you can find it on youtube for step by step instructions.... GOOOOOOD LUCK!

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