Friday, November 13, 2009

Sharing is Caring

We woke up this morning, thinking of what we should eat for breakfast. We have no bread, and only prawn risotto leftover from last night. Finally, we decided to eat breakfast outside, and we chose The Capers to try the famous pancake.

We ordered a plate of pancake.... and a cup of mochacino. No... its not 2 plates and 2 cups.... its only ONE cup and ONE plate for BOTH of us. Funny rite? 2 adults sharing a cup of coffee and a plate of pancake.

People might think that we are stingy to buy 2 plates of food and 2 cups of drinks. Or, they might think that we wanna save money by sharing the foods.

The truth is... we are always like this since we got married. We SHARE our foods!!! We just LOVE to share our foods, plus I'm not a big eater. Actually, I feel happy when we share our foods rather than having our own plate of foods.

Its not just because we wanna save money on buying foods, because even at home we share as well. When Shamin wanna make his 'special' mochacino, instead of making two different cups, he'll make in a big cup and share with me.

When we want to eat ice cream, he'll scoop the ice cream into a bowl and we share it together...and we even use the same spoon.

Everytime when we go outside and treat ourselves with espresso coffee or ice blended.... we'll share the same cup....and I just l.o.v.e. those moments!!!

Okay guys... my advice is... Sharing is Caring. Because the Prophet also drink from the same cup used by Saidatina Aishah [1].

Dont stop being romantic after you got married. The romantic life should start after nikah... NOT before that (its against Islam anyway).

Another message is... dont feel weird if you see us sharing a cup of coffee or if we eat from the same plate of food. We are not trying to save money... but we wanna be sweet and romantic like the Prophet :)

May Allah bless our marriage.....

And may this beautiful relationship last forever....

Ukhti Hanisah
9pm Dunedin

[1] Rasulullah s.a.w suami contoh


  1. aku sebagai pelepak setia rumah korang doakan semoga korang bahagia smp bile2. coffee tu nmpk familiar, deco die sama mcm robert harris. lol typical kot coffee served mcm tu.

  2. ameen...tenkiu dear =) coffee tu from The Capers. So far aku gi Robert Harris, slalu take away je, so xpenah sedar apa pattern atas coffee tu;p Huhu.. pancake situ xdela sedap sgt. Mujur kami beli satu je. Hehe.. pancake shamin buat pagi2 tu jauh lagi sedap bagi aku :)